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Waterfront & Water View Listing & Search Tips

Waterfront & Water View Listing and Search Tips

When searching for waterfront and/or water view properties, keep these tips in mind to ensure your listings and search results are accurate.


1.  All waterfront, water view and water fields are gathered together under the heading "waterfront features" on the add/edit and search templates.  Click the gear to see all of the options.


2.  We encourage listing agents to carefully select ALL appropriate fields when adding listings to Stratus.  If a listing is on or near water, select "waterfront" or "water view" AND "bay" or "ocean" or "canal" etc. so that other agents can find your listing easily.  Add and edit your listings so all agents can find them!


3.  When searching for listings on or near water, you may also need to search for "bay", "ocean", "canal" etc. separately to find those incomplete listings where the listing agent did NOT select waterfront or water view.


4. One alternative is to leave out any water selections when searching - then at the list view add the column for "waterfront features" to see exactly which properties have your criteria and filter from there. (See video for instructions.)


Here is a short video reviewing the water fields.

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